Post-Treatment Information

What Should I Expect Following Endodontic Treatment?

When Endodontic treatment has been completed, the root canal is thoroughly cleaned, and now free of infected tissue and bacteria that have caused the need for root canal treatment. Because a temporary filling is designed to last only a short time, you should return to your general dentist as quickly as possible to prevent possible decay or fracture.

While some tenderness or discomfort is normal for several days to several weeks after your procedure while your body undergoes the natural healing process, a more persistent discomfort may need to be examined.

Please call our office by telephone at 703.359.4447 or email at to schedule a follow-up appointment if pain or pressure persists.

Post-Treatment Instructions

• Do not eat anything until the numbness wears off
• Do not chew on the treated side until the tooth is fully restored
• Brush and floss normally
• It is not unusual for a thin layer of the temporary filling material to wear off. However, if you think the   entire filling has come out, please contact us.

Contact us immediately if you develop any of the following:

• Your bite feels uneven
• A visible swelling inside or outside of your mouth
• An allergic reaction to medication, including rash, hives or itching
• A return of original symptoms